Have you ever had a person in your life whom you tried to help get on the right path but it seemed hopeless? It feels like you have given the same advice repeatedly until you were blue in the face and for a brief moment it looked like a breakthrough was going to occur but then they continued to make the same choice they always made. Some are filled with so much anger, pain, and bitterness from their past and it’s sadly all they know.They are so damaged on the inside that they literally feel broken inside.

Some only know how to be angry and fight making their temper a stumbling block in their lives. But if they could only see more to life than just their past.

It hurts because you can see the potential for them to be better and do better but it seems like they don’t. They speak about change but never actually follow through. People like this sometimes can become exhausting and be discouraging to one’s soul.

I have come to realize that sometimes you have to back off and let them make their own choices whether right or wrong even if that means repeating the same cycle of destruction 99 times until they finally get it right on the 100th try. You can still be there for them from a distance. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom to finally wake up and realize what their loved ones and friends were saying was true.

Loving them from a distance doesn’t mean you have given up on them it just means you need to take care of yourself too because if you don’t and you give everything you have into a person who doesn’t know or want to change you won’t have anything left inside to give to those who need your encouraging words .

So take care of yourself so that you can be the best YOU. Never give up on them but sometimes you have to stay on the sidelines.


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  1. I have been there sweet sister! Unfortunately, the other person has to be in a place where they are ready to receive. We have to let the Holy Spirit give lead us to those right times. Blessings to you … ❤

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