Why are so discouraged?

Don’t be there is still hope for you yet.

Maybe you can’t see a way out.

Maybe you don’t feel like you deserve happiness.

Does it feel like you have done a lot of things wrong that you just can’t take back?

I want to tell you that there is still HOPE for you.

Do you feel like your at a pause in your life? Are you not sure to go left or right?

Maybe you just feel ALONE in this great big world.

You’re not alone and you aren’t too far gone that you can’t be reached.

There isn’t a place you can hide from God’s love. There isn’t a place where he can’t find you.

There is no sin that he can’t forgive.

Most importantly you don’t have to change before encountering his love. Come as you are with all your baggage and let him change you.

I just want to share this song with you and hopefully, it speaks to you like it did to me.

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