Let me pray for you

Father, I pray for whoever is reading this at this very moment. Lord, I thank you for keeping them safe and allowing them to be able to have another day of life and another day to get right and get closer to you Lord.

Abba, I ask that whatever is weighing heavy on their hearts that you may give them strength to get through this hard time. I pray that you give them clarity and peace. Lord, if they feel distant from you I ask that you may remind them just how much you truly love them. Please mend their broken hearts and broken relationships. Let them find their confidence in you and only you. May they keep getting up when they fall and not given to into the devil’s schemes.

I come against any soul ties, lies of the devils, evil thoughts,  unclean thoughts, and chaos.

Hold them, close lord, hear their desperate hearts and if their hearts are cold I pray that you break that heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh because we don’t have time to waste …your COMING IS NEAR.

Thank you for loving us even when we don’t love ourselves. You call us beautiful when we see ugly. You call us worthy when we see unworthy. You call us strong when we see weak. YOU say we are FORGIVEN WHEN WE FEEL LIKE SINNERS.



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