PSSSSSSSST…let me share some shopping secrets with you.

  1. All Wal-marts have a clearance section. You probably have seen them before there is usually a yellow sign that says CLEARANCE. But did you know that there are more clearance sections throughout the store away from high traffic? it’s like looking for hidden treasure! haha sorry, I get excited. But every Wal-mart is different. At my Wal-mart, they have a rack by the home decor and cleaning supplies. If you’re not looking carefully you will miss it because there is no sign. My local Wal-mart has three secret spots that are secluded the others being by the outdoor/sports section and by the self-care aisle. Next time you’re at Wal-mart take some time and go through every nook and cranny!!
  2. This one is super obvious COUPON!!  you will be surprised how much you can save with coupons at Wal-mart on anything from food to make up. The key is waiting for a good deal/price and then using your coupon. Read my other blog about how to coupon here
  3. Wal-mart price matches this means if you find an item at another store for less Wal-mart will match the price and it doesn’t matter if the purchase is in store or online.
  4. Use the Ibotta app this app lets you get money back on everyday purchases. All you have to do is upload load your receipt to redeem an offer. If you combine this with couponing the better the outcome.

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