I can see the tide rising.

The clouds are moving quickly covering the blueness of the sky.

I can hear the squawking of the birds as they hurry to find shelter before the first drop of rain touches the ground.

But my heart is steady.

I am not afraid.

I have been here before.

Cold, tired and worn.

The only thing that changes are the intensity and duration of the storms.

Some storms caused me to nearly lose my life.

Some storms cost me every ounce of faith and patience.

Some made sure that blood, sweat and tears came about.

But with every storm I have gained more strength and faith.

I have conquered the loneliest of storms and the darkest of them.

I had to run to my shelter, my solid rock in which I stand.

I have realized that running from the storm doesn’t solve anything, it only inflicts more pain.

I have learned to embrace it. I have fallen many times and in anger shouted to the one who shelters me.

When suddenly I realized that I wasn’t alone.

 I had someone who loved me at my lowest, who sheltered me from the violent winds.

Although I lost my barring, I never lost my way.

I stopped trying to guide myself through the storm without any direction.

And instead accepted guidance.

The rain is falling, but I’m not running.

My feet are grounded, my wounds have healed and now scars replaced them as proof of how resilient I am.

I’m ready. I am not afraid.

I am ready for the storm

Nini Poems

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