Hi, I’m a wife and a mother of two boys. At the present moment, I feel stuck and unmotivated. Yup, that was me not too long ago. Have you ever felt like you should be doing more?

For about a month I felt like I wasn’t doing much. I felt a void inside me. I started to think maybe I need a side gig or maybe I should get a hobby? A little research on the internet and boom nothing inspired me, nothing felt right. I kept feeling lost.

I battled with my thoughts daily, at one point I buried them deep down in my heart hoping that it was just a phase. But I was wrong the feelings just grew and grew and started to spread to all areas of my life. Suddenly I didn’t have any motivation to even pray. I didn’t want to speak to anyone about what I was feeling, not even my husband. I kept thinking to myself I’m a mom and a wife shouldn’t I have my life together? The more I entertained my thoughts the more I believed the lies in my head. I was so consumed with the emotions I was feeling that I never once asked God for direction, peace, and clarity over this deep yearning to do more.

I realized one night that I was in so much rush to fill that void that I assumed I had to figure it out in an instance. I googled everything possible and nothing felt right. What I should have done was taken my concerns to God. Now I am not saying that overnight I knew what God wanted me to do but the more I prayed the more at peace I felt. I knew that in his due time he would show me.

Sometimes we need to silence our thoughts and have a moment of reflection within ourselves. Also, be okay with not figuring it out right away.

Always pace yourself. God could be preparing to birth an idea in you but you’re just not 100% ready yet.

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  1. You are so right! I’ve learned in those frustrated moments to just stop and focus on Jesus and loving Him … Because His will for my life is in HIM. If I stay with Him I will run smack dab into His will for me. I won’t miss anything. Praise God!!! Blessings to you sweet friend! TY for sharing! ❤

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