The Paranoid Parent(s)

Lately, it feels like all we hear about is how gun violence is increasing all over the world. It feels like nowhere is safe or maybe it NEVER  WAS SAFE and now it has gotten to the point where it’s atrocious. When I read about these gun violence in schools it makes me want to quit my job and just live in a bubble with my kids. However, in my world that isn’t possible.

These are moments where some of us scratch our heads and wonder “Um, hey God why didn’t you stop the shooting?”  because we are humans and our logical way of thinking is that everything bad God should stop from happening. I will not go too deep into this, some people have their own opinions and that’s an entirely different topic.

Seeking Peace

As a parent, we want to protect our kids at all times even when we are not with them and probably even more now with all the recent shootings. I remember last year my son who is 8 years old wanted a cellphone ( YEAH RIGHT!) and unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen  I believe he is too young for a cellphone and all the responsibility that comes with it.

However, the more  I watched on tv about bombings, gun violence, and all the other chaos that is occurring within this nation. I began to do a little research that led me to a watch for kids that allows you to communicate and track your kids. I know what your thinking and yes I said he was too young for a cellphone, but I liked that with this watch I could control who he calls and who calls him. There is no texting and best of all it has some awesome parental control features like GPS among others things. I also like that he will be less likely to lose it since it would always be on his wrist. I will try to post the link where I purchased it at the end of this post.

Now, I am not saying this is a solution for gun violence in our schools,  but for me, it gave me a little more peace of mind knowing that if he needs me I am just a call away.

Another thing I decided to do was to be more intentional about praying for my children before sending them off to school. I always did this but there were times where I wasn’t as consistent.We have a routine now where both my children and I  take turns praying each morning while we are in the car on our way to school. No, I am not saying that had these children’s parents prayed for them that they would have been spared! But there is POWER IN OUR PRAYERS. Again this goes way deeper and its an entirely different subject.

I found peace by remembering that God is my refuge and in him, I find my strength. We will never know how many situations we were saved from. But I do know that some of us in our lives could recall a time where we should have been in a messed up situation or even dead and can’t explain how we are where we are today. That’s called GRACE. It is easier to blame God for all the bad things that are occurring because its what our natural eyes can see. But I am sure there are TONS  of situation where he has fought for us individually and even as a nation that we cannot see or begin to comprehend.  Find peace for you and your family knowing that He is your rock and your refuge.

We will never know why certain things happen or why certain people are taken from this earth so early. But we should trust that there is a reason for every single thing that happens in this life.

Talk To Your Children

I can’t tell you what to tell your children because it depends on what your comfortable telling them and their age. I  told my son that he is not to call me while at school unless its an emergency where he doesn’t feel safe. I explained to him that having a disagreement with another child or feeling sick is not a reason to call me because I do not want him to get in trouble,  his teacher or a nurse can call me if that is the case. (the watch has a cool feature that allows you to power it down during school hours).I encouraged him to always be alert and if he is ever unsure of anything to talk to someone. Kids these days know a lot more than most of us when we were kids so if you don’t talk to your children trust me they will get information from other sources.

My prayers go out to the families who recently have lost a child or loved one.

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  1. I like your routine of having each child pray in the car ride to school. They will not forget this! It’s a good habit to have. There are so many adults afraid to pray out loud, you’re starting them out early, and that’s good! It’s so intentional, and it’s teaching them a great way to cope.

  2. The best we can do is to pray and do what we can. This may mean showing kindness to someone lonely or emailing our political representatives. We must also teach our children to be nice to others. God hears us and knows our fears. While we cannot control the actions of others, we can do small things in love.

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