What relationship goals look like these days


  •  Let’s have matching sneakers.
  •  Let’s smoke weed together.
  •  Let’s get money together.
  •  Let’s have matching cars.
  •  Let’s have matching tattoos.
  •  Let’s just make a video of us making out to show others how perfect our relationship is.

Sounds familiar? I can’t be the only one seeing this all over social media.

It seems like LOVE has lost its meaning and it has been replaced by false misconceptions on what is needed for a relationship to be GREAT.

What happened to the goals that really matter?

What happened to the basics? you know the things you should do before even getting into a relationship where you have “goals”.

For example:

  • Love yourselves first!!!
  • Know your worth and how you should be treated.
  • Know what you want, don’t wait until you’re in a relationship to try to figure it out. Stop wasting other people’s time.
  • If you keep finding yourself in relationships that aren’t good for you. Stop and think why do you keep falling for the same type of person.Then  Change and give those who you normally wouldn’t be interested in a chance.
  • Are your expectations and wants realistic?  or do you have a list that is two pages long?. Come on you know what I’m talking about.


  • To fall in love.
  • Let’s respect each other.
  • Let’s have matching mindsets.
  • Let’s have good communication.
  • Let’s motivate each other.
  • Let’s support each other.
  • Let’s have boundaries.
  • Let’s forgive each other.
  • Let’s fight fair.

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