I recently started to read the book of Job and was intrigued by Job’s friends.

Now if your not familiar with Job’s story here is a little background.God and Satan had a conversation in which Satan told God that the only reason Job was faithful to him was because he had everything.  Satan told God that if Job lost everything that he would curse him. So God allowed Satan to test Job and allowed him to take away everything he owned or loved.  When his three friends learned about what happened to Job they quickly went to be with him.

When they arrived and saw how great his suffering was they tore off their clothes and cried out loud. Then they sat with him with him for SEVEN days and SEVEN nights in SILENCE. WOW! that spoke to me tremendously. How many times have we had a friend or known of someone who was hurting and we didn’t feel like we had anything to say that would comfort them so we tried our best to come up with something.

The great thing is that we don’t need to always have anything to say. Sometimes with just a hug or being physically next to the person is enough. You might not feel like your being much help but trust me you are. Two years ago I lost my grandmother and I remember my Best friend and my husband (back then we were just dating) being by my side watching me just laying there like a blob on the couch. I also remember my best friend walking in with a big bag filled with candy and cookies(they say I am a junk food addict) and I don’t know why but seeing her with that bag made me cry when I saw her. The fact that she didn’t have many words to say but with her act of kindness, bringing my favorite things and sitting with me is exactly what I needed.

Now Job’s friends weren’t perfect when they finally began to speak they tried to convince Job to confess his sin so that God would have mercy on him they believed God was punishing him for something he had done.  Which was not true at all.

Sometimes we have to be cautious with the things we say when we are trying to comfort someone. If we don’t know exactly what to say sometimes its best to just wait or say nothing at all like I said sometimes just being there is enough.

Do you have true friends like Job did? friends that are there for you in the good and bad times.  Most importantly do you have true friends that can uplift you spiritually?

Nourishing my friendships have been heavy on my heart. I spoke to a friend of mine not long ago about this and she felt the same way. I don’t know if its something you realize when you get older (I am twenty-nine) or just something we seem to be going through this season of our lives. But I realized how important it is for me to take care and comfort my closest friends. Life can be so hectic at times. It can feel like we don’t have enough hours in a day to spend with those closest to us. But what I realized is that God has blessed me with a few strong women of God who I am proud to call my friends.

As I saw how Job’s friends dropped everything as soon as they heard about Job’s loss. I asked myself am I a good friend? Am I there for them when they need someone to pray for them? I prayed that God would make me a better friend, a better wife, a better daughter, and mom. I don’t want to only take care of my friendships but my relationships as well. I know life can be busy sometimes. But I want to make sure that I do my best to pray for my loved ones and let them know that they have me by their side.


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  1. Though Job’s friends were pretty terrible in some ways, you are right in that it takes dedication to sit for seven days in silence, and we can learn from them in that way. I could definitely learn to be more faithful in my staying with friends in their tough times. Being comfortable with the silence is a good thing to learn sometimes.

  2. This is so relevant in my life right now! I have been searching for what it means to be a Godly friend and struggling with that in my life right now. This post really blessed me today and encouraged me to keep pursuing God’s purpose for friendship. Thank you!

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