If you read my last post about couponing at CVS then you already have the CVS app.

So where do you get coupons? first, you can find coupons in your Sunday’s newspaper there are a few inserts that come in the paper which are Red Plum(RP), Smart Source(SS) and Proctor and Gamble(PG). These inserts also have websites that allow you to print coupons too.

Another place to get coupons are online like from http://www.Coupons.com 

Some stores like CVS, Walgreens, Riteaid, Giant and many others offer their own coupons which are great because a store coupon can be combined with any Manufacturer coupon(coupons that say Manufacturer on them) please note that two Manufacturer coupons cannot be combined for the same item.  I know it sounds confusing but hang in there with me trust me it isn’t.

Let me give you an ex. CVS has Pantene shampoo for $3.99 and you have $1.oo off any Pantene shampoo Manufacturer coupon plus a CVS  coupon for $1.oo off any Pantene Shampoo you can combine them both. Buy 1 Pantene $3.99  Use (1)$1.oo Mfr. and Use  (1) $1.oo CVS = Pay $1.99

let’s say its the same scenario but this time you have two $1.oo Mfr. You cannot use both on one shampoo you would have to buy 2 shampoos unless otherwise specified on the coupon some coupons only let you use one per transaction in which case you would only be allowed to buy one and use one coupon for your transaction and then do another separate transaction to use the other coupon. To use both for ex.  Buy 2 Pantene $3.99 +$3.99  Use (2)$1.oo Mfr. and Use  (1) $1.oo CVS = Pay $4.98 before tax.

You can combine CVS coupons lets use the same example except now you have a CVS coupon for a $1.oo off any shampoo purchase. Buy 1 Pantene $3.99  Use (1)$1.ooMfr. and Use  (1) $1.oo CVS  and Use (1) $1.oo off any shampoo purchase CVS coupon= Pay $0.99 before tax.

One more thing about CVS is that they have a red box machine where you can scan your card to receive coupons especially for you not everyone gets all the same coupons it generates on based on what you shop for so don’t forget to scan your card at the machine.








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