Insecurities ahhhh they can be such a pain!

and yet so many of us have them right?

The definition of Insecurity is -uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

Hmmm, that sounds very familiar.

Have you ever felt like one day you just accidentally tripped and crashed right into your old pal insecurity? or is that just me?

I remember having a very good week. A lot of good things were occurring during this week, and I knew God was moving and answering prayers.

What happened next left me baffled. I woke up with so much anxiety and doubt. I mean with TONS. I tried thinking of anything that might have triggered it and couldn’t think of anything. I prayed and still nothing. I was so stuck in my own thoughts and emotions I could not focus on anything else.

I pleaded with God to show me where the problem was and I still felt nothing. The following day I started my day feeling the same way.

I felt so down. I began to DOUBT EVERYTHING! Am I pretty enough? Does my husband REALLY LOVE ME? Am I ENOUGH? Am I a good MOM? SHOULD I STOP WRITING BLOGS? AM I TRUELY LOVED?

and this one question kept resonating within my soul  AM I TRUELY LOVED?



Later that day I went to a conference and while sitting in my chair I could still feel that my thoughts and my heart were at war. Finally, when the conference was almost finished they did an altar call and I went up I remember standing up there and asking God to stop these racing thoughts. Suddenly I felt an embrace of someone who began to tell me  DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED? YOU ARE TRULY LOVED! YOU ARE ENOUGH YOU ARE WORTH IT! WHY CAN’T YOU ACCEPT THAT?

Oh man, those words found me just in time. They crashed over me like ocean waves crashing on rocks!

I mean I knew I was loved. But I feel like sometimes its so hard to really grasp that someone loves you, The real you with imperfections and all. It’s so easy to read about it and from time to time when we remember what we read we believe it here and there. But if we really took the time to think about it just for a few minutes that we are truly loved and that we are BEAUTIFUL it would make these feelings of insecurities easier to overcome and less frequent or non-existent.

I want to challenge you to take a few minutes and let those words just speak to you. YOU ARE LOVED no matter what this world says. Regardless of your sins, YOU ARE LOVED. Despite the mistakes you made YOU ARE LOVED. Even when everyone has abandoned you. YOU ARE LOVED.

We can’t allow for these thoughts to run our lives. Just because you think of something it doesn’t make it true!! The truth is that we are enough and are beautiful in the skin that we are in.

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  1. Self-doubts can be so detrimental to our development. I’m glad you got over it and are encouraging others too. It’s about us taking a step; shunning all the negatives from the world and listening to the voice of God.

  2. Awe I just love your sweet heart and transparency!! I find myself nodding quite a bit as I read. Bless you sweet sister!! You are the daughter of the MOST HIGH KING!!!!!

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