Which words hurt you? I know that all of us can remember a time where someone said some really hurtful words to us. Maybe your the one that has said hurtful words to someone out of anger.

Maybe your spouse has said some hurtful words in the past that you secretly can’t let go of.

Maybe a family member said something hurtful to you as you were growing up.

Maybe you were bullied.

Regardless of what the situation may have been. Words can cut deep and the effects can linger for years without us truly being aware of them.

Words can either build and shape our future or hold us back, cause us to live in fear, live with constant doubts, or self-hatred. I know you might be thinking to yourself whoa, Nezet don’t you think you’re exaggerating? and my answer is no.

Let me give you an example maybe you grew up with a parent or parents who made you feel like you could never make them proud no matter what you did. Maybe you felt like you failed in everything you did. But why did you feel that way? the way you felt didn’t just one day exist in your heart out of nowhere. Something had to happen for you to feel this way maybe it was what they said to you or what they DIDN’T say to you. Maybe it was just their look of disappointment on their face.

Maybe it was the constant pressure they put on you to do better, be better, eat and breathe a certain way ( ok now I am exaggerating but hopefully you get the point) My point is those words  like ” You will never amount to anything” or “why can’t you be like so and so” can sometimes cause us to constantly be hard on ourselves and makes us constantly feel like we aren’t good enough. So we live our lives constantly trying to be better than the next person.

Maybe the words you can’t let go of are from an old relationship. Maybe they told you that no one would ever love you. Perhaps they called you ugly or maybe the constant yelling or bad choice of words when arguing just damaged you completely. Perhaps you find yourself in a new relationship and you still feel at times like your not pretty/ handsome enough or you don’t deserve to be loved. You’re probably afraid to argue and to express an opinion because you’re afraid of hearing some nasty words come your way.

Are you the one who can’t control your tongue in a heated argument? The good news is that you can change.

** side note there is such a thing as being too blunt!**  (GASP)

It’s true! think about it if you don’t deliver what you have to say with kindness and just say it however it comes out chances are you’re going to offend someone whether they tell you or not. Not everything that pops into your mind has to come out of your mouth! BE CAREFUL.

My point with all this is that words can cut deeper and leave an everlasting mark. What words are holding you back? What words are you speaking to your children and loved ones? Words that encourage and bring life or words that discourage and brings pain?





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  1. It is very true that words gave very big impact on our lives. It is also important to notice that it is not just the words that we hear from others that can hurt us. You can also get hurt by the bad words you keep telling yourself.

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