How many times have you heard that before?

God is good ALL the time. Even in the midst of that tsunami that your going through God is still good. He will not give you more than you can bare and maybe you just rolled your eyes at this very moment because you feel like your drowning and maybe you are in a dark place. That doesn’t mean that God stopped being good. He uses everything for good. Maybe he is going to use this storm you are going through to reach thousands of people or maybe just one person.

Perhaps you can’t find joy in anything! GOD IS STILL GOOD. He woke you up from your sleep when some people didn’t get a chance to repent. He gives chances after chances to get your act right. He gives you endless forgiveness. He doesn’t hold grudges.

What if you’re losing a loved one through cancer?  You need to believe that even then God is still good. He will get you through it all even the unimaginable.


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